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6 of our supporters will be bravely taking to the streets of Singapore for the long anticipated Obstacle Race – Spartan Race this coming May!

We have asked our runners to tell us a bit about themselves, why they have chosen to run for the Spartan Race and how they will be training and eating for the big run!”


JURN 44, Business Owner
I signed up for the Spartan Race at the behest of my good friend and mentor and as a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone.

The idea was to do something to confront some fears that I might have, go through a period of struggle and discomfort in order to overcome those fears. Joining the Spartan Race was a really intimidating prospect for me because while I have been working out intermittently, I’m far from being called FIT. I was fit before and was able to do 24 chin ups in my prime so I know what it means to be fit.

In addition to confronting my fears, the Spartan Race also serves as a deadline for me to reach a “decent” level of fitness. I’m a firm believer that deadlines increases productivity. When I found that that I had less than 4 months to get fit, I started right away in all earnestness and vigour. As part of my commitment to the Spartan race, I have set a small goal that’s SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

My motivation in getting back my fitness?

So that I will still be able to pursue outdoor adventure sports like white water rafting, trekking and snowboarding with my 2 children for the next 20 years!


KIT 30s, Service Director
I am an ordinary 30 something bloke who grew up in an ordinary neighbourhood, went to an ordinary school and living an ordinary life.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to do something extraordinary. After spending most of every day thinking of more ways to step up my game and take things to another level and tired of being ordinary, I decided to participate in the Spartan Race.

My motivation?

I hope that by completing this race, this will be the 1st milestone of many more extraordinary things that I will do in my life.


EDWARD 40s, Chief Investment Officer

The passing of my mum recently conjured a lot of emotions and highlighted what is quintessential of living. While the brevity and the vulnerability of life are unescapable truths, the kinship formed, the kindness shown and the strength displayed during adversities are the very things that made her life special.

Joining Spartan race is but a microcosm to live that life. Strength to push myself with kindred spirits with some of the people whom I have known for a long time and the kindness accorded along the way. That was why I join this race not alone but with friends to cement moments in life.


KOK WEE 40s, Pilot

Participating in the Spartan race is never about finishing the race. It is not about pushing the limit of what my body can take, not about the grit and conviction needed to overcome the obstacles or about the mental and physical will that will be questioned when faced with an almost impossible task.

It is about the teamwork. The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. I know that if I ever fail in any of the aforementioned, the fellow Spartans next to me will said, “Don’t give up, we will go through this together.”

By the same mantra, it motivates me to work even harder to improve on my own fitness, such that when the time comes, I can have the extra capacity to say those same words to my fellow Spartans.

Coming together, keeping together and working together is the spirit of this whole race. The group is as strong as the weakest link.

We will complete the race, we will be there for each other, and we will definitely be ready!


JAKE 39, Stock Broker

As a 38-year-old stock broker who lives in a high-octane world, my world is walled by news and numbers, rumours and ruins.

I eat healthy, avoid fried and processed food, and enjoy my daily glass of wine. My recent health check results was great too. To escape from my stressful work, I run twice a week as well. Running has since became a routine in my life.

Although routine is great but it can also be a rut. Just as I was getting too comfortable with my routine, a buddy invited me to join the Spartan Race. Ray Dalio, founder of one of the biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates once said, “Pain +Reflection = Progress”.

Only through pain and reflection can I progress, so I took up the challenge to train and do the Spartan race!


MARCUS 25, School Admin

As a 25-year-old boy just starting out on his journey to adulthood, I’ve been overweight all my life and have never given much thought of getting fit or losing weight.

When I had a severe fall and tore my ACL ligament while pursuing my studies in the polytechnic, I was awaken from my nonchalant slumber. Fortunately, the operation which I had to undergo was a success. It was the rehabilitation that was very memorable. I had difficulty doing the simplest of tasks and I feel like a crippled person.

For once, I felt the fear of losing my mobility. I realized that if I were to carry on with the current weight I am in, my injuries would only get worse. There and then, I made up my mind to stay fit and lose weight. I decided to be strong and run as long as my legs can take me as it is one thing to choose not to run and another to not be able to run.

Along the way, I’ve found out that exercising and dieting not only shapes your physique but also strengthen your mentality and defines your character.

The Spartan race is one of the more challenging obstacle course race available in Singapore. I believe the Spartan race is part of my journey to overcome my old injuries and continue to improve myself and challenge myself.

If there is one thing I hope to learn and gain from the race, it would be letting the race to be a form of personal encouragement, and using it as a platform to challenge other races, and through the tough training maintain a positive mindset for the future.