Live Healthy | Boost your happiness with these 10 effortless 15-minute stress-reducing techniques
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Stress Free Morning

Boost your happiness with these 10 effortless 15-minute stress-reducing techniques

Effortless ways that bring you back to peace of mind

Our body are sending us different kinds of messages about our overall health every day. Some of these signals are obvious, like pain and colour of our urine, while others are quite unnoticeable.

Do you find yourself often drifting away from social events and outings with your closest friends or family, only to realise it when someone comes along and point it out to you?

That simple scenario may be a silent signal that bad stress is taking over your life.

Looking for effective ways to address those occasional stress in a healthy and quick way?

Here are our favourite techniques!

P.S: These techniques work well with anxiety too.


  1. Eat Whole-Grain Cereal With Blueberries & Milk For Breakfast

Cereal is fortified with vitamin B which have been linked to good health, while milk contains protein lactium which offers a calming effect by lowering blood pressure. The potassium found in milk has also been found to be able to relieve muscle spasms triggered by tensed feelings. Not forgetting those blue little fruits – blueberries. Blueberries may be blue but they are far from making us feel that way. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, these little fruits double up as mighty stress-busters by helping to repair and protect our body cells when we are stressed.


  1. Deep, Controlled Mindful Breathing

Ever feels so stressed out that you want to crawl into a hole? Well, we all do because we are humans. Mastering deep breathing techniques can go a long way in protecting your health. Just a few minutes a day of deep breathing can help ease your stress and anxiety. Close your eyes, sit up straight and focus on nothing but breathing deeply. Repeat them every day for 15 minutes each time and you will soon find yourself on the road to stress recovery!


  1. Schedule Yourself In

Ever feel like you are always working hard and not playing? For most of us, relaxation means zoning out in front of the TV or going for a good sleep at the end of a stressful day. Truth is, this does little to reduce the damaging effects of stress. To effectively combat stress, we need to let the body activate its natural response to relaxation.


Have a favourite activity which you have always wanted to spend time on? A good way to achieve this is to schedule yourself in the calendar. Plan yourself into your own schedule 5 times a week. Have a penchant for online shopping? You can make it a point to go online for 15 minutes and shop for healthy groceries or buy a thing. Find something different to do for every session. Doing and getting something that you look forward to can help in reducing stress dramatically. The best part of it? You probably get to clear off some of your bucket list items.


  1. Hot Tea With Calming Herbs

Are you overworked, overtired and stressed out? When was the last time you ever sat down and enjoy a cup of hot tea without having to bother about anything else around you? If you haven’t already read the benefits of herbal teas as drinks which can lower your stress levels, it’s time to start spending 15 minutes a day on enjoying your favourite tea. For best effect and maximum enjoyment, we recommend enjoying your teas alone.


Here are some of our all-time favourites:


  • Lemon Verbana

An excellent choice for relieving upset stomach and nausea.


  • Chamomile

The queen of herbal teas, this commonly known stress-relieving tea is not common at all. In fact, this powerhouse can do quite a lot of stuff – reducing inflammation, relaxing your mind, calming the sore throat and getting rid of inflammation from bug bites to dark under eye circles. Add a spoonful of honey and you are good to go!


  • Mint Tea

Well-known for its aromatic flavour, this tea is not only good for relaxing your mind but also an excellent agent for combating an upset stomach.


  • Ginseng

This popular herbal tea clears out mental exhaustion and stress immediately. Reach for a cup of this and you will find yourself more peaceful and calm. Having trouble sleeping? Drink some Ginseng tea to help get back that restful sleep.


  • Linden

Excellent for calming the mind and relieving headaches caused by stress, this ingredient relaxes both muscles and nerves. Suffering from frequent nervous tensions? Include Linden in your daily tea to reduce such problems.


  1. Emotional Release

You know how some folks always say, crying is the best remedy for staying healthy and getting rid of stress. Unalleviated stress can increase our risk for heart attack and damage some areas of our brains. Here are some benefits of emotional release, otherwise known as crying:


  • They relieves stress
  • Crying lowers blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Tears can actually remove toxins from the body
  • Crying reduces the body’s manganese level, a mineral which affects mood and found to 30x more concentrated in tears than in the blood.


  1. Go Outdoors For A Destination To Nowhere Stroll

Day in, day out, we are always rushing and shuttling ourselves from one place to another. So much so that we tend to miss out on a lot of interesting things. Remember, the world doesn’t only revolves around you. Going outdoors helps us get some fresh air and gives us lots of stimuli to keep our minds busy when we are stressed up. Like the old saying “take time to smell the roses”, it works to give yourself a chance to slow down and explore the surroundings. Time to relax, dude! 15 minutes won’t pull back your schedule too much.


  1. Unplug

No computers, no tablets, no smartphones. No radio and music as well. Emails? Leave them till later. Whoever is able to send you an email probably can wait for a while since it is understood that people do take time to respond. Once you have unplugged yourself from all the technologies, engage in something positive such as enjoying a book. We find that reading a chapter of a book a day helps in giving yourself “me-time”. Not sure about you. Tell us after you try?


  1. Go For A Power Nap

Power naps are not only for regaining quick energy. They are good for reducing stress levels, improving heart function, hormonal maintenance and cell repair. Have 15 minutes to spare? Give yourself a treat by taking a power nap. Not only are power naps free, they can also be easily done on long bus journeys or during lunch hours.


  1. Enjoy A Quick Snack

Snacking on nuts can bring about many healthy benefits that your body require, but not when you are snacking and working at the same time. Not only does this add stress to your already stressed-up body condition, you may even end up overeating which is worse. For a record, nuts are packed with magnesium which can help to keep cortisol levels low. The best way to enjoy a snack is to give it your full attention. This includes tasting it carefully and letting your senses enjoy the food. Alternatively, you can also opt for sorbet with a vanilla sugar wafer. Sugary foods like these decrease levels of anxiety-producing hormones. Be sure not to overdo it though!


  1. Cardio Workout With Your Favourite Music

If you have 15 minutes, you have got plenty of time to work out. Turn the music up and try a cardio workout in blocks of 15 minutes or 3 songs. Do some squat jumps, jumping jacks, jog in place or jumping lunges. We recommend including Rihanna and Shakira’s Can’t Remember To Forget You, Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbeat Song and Jessie J’s Bang Bang. Oh boy, don’t you feel like shaking and moving with the beat and less stressed already?